Thursday, June 02, 2011

Next On The IPO Craze- Groupon

It’s happened and I’m sticking on topic, Groupon has filed for its IPO to raise $750 million. With 83 million email subscribers, the company sold 30 million coupons last year and already 28 million in 2011. Does anyone else see another Dot Com boom coming? Investment banks are going to be looking to the Internet community again the next big idea to take public and make money. Every is just waiting for Facebook to see what they are doing, but in the meantime, we are going to watch many companies starting to trade on the different stock markets. Early investors will make money I’m sure, but buyer beware, it could be only a matter of time that things come crashing like they did.


MG said...

Dot Com Boooom!

Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing? Are we going back to the late 90's here? Pandora, the online radio website that has yet to turn a profi is now public! HELLOOOOOOO "Founded in 2000, Pandora Media has never turned a profit and has stacked up $92 million in losses," from the Mercury News. So why would a stock spike 63% on it's first day trading? Do you remember these times, when every Tom, Jack and Harry brought a company public?

Oh, and by the way, the only place in the country where real estate is on the guessed it, Sillicon Valley. Company execs are cashing out of their stock and into these million dollar homes again. Watchout people....watchout...