Friday, February 12, 2010

Is Your Online World Colliding With Real World?

This past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday, and of course I had my crackberry out (@michaelgustman) reading all the great tweets from people about ads and the game. A lady came up to me and my fiancĂ© and asked what platform I was using. Her and my fiancĂ© started to talk, and it turns out they are following one another! Having similar interests and events going on in life, they are following the same people as well and noticed each other from their pictures. This had me wondering, has this happened before to other people? Is the whole six degrees of separation now moving to our online connections as well? With all these social networking sites, it’s bound to happen, how would you react if you see someone that you tweet with or in an online community in real life?


Phoenix SEO said...

Yeah that happen to me too, i was listening to my professor and suddenly the student sat behind me (whom i didn't know) called my name and talked to me, i was suprised at first but then she told me her name and turn out that we're member of some social site and been chatting for a long time